How to pay road tax in Hungary

All vehicles in one form or another pay a toll using the roads for which this type of tax is collected. In this article, we’ll focus on the conditions imposed by the operator in Hungary. Transport companies that transit through the country or have agreed cargo delivery must pay a fee. The calculation of the distance traveled is based on the category of the road, the type of the vehicle and the emission class of the vehicle. Payment can be made via a pre-purchased ticket with a set route that is required to be complied with, or a GPS-based on-board device that works for the entire toll network that is subject to charging. In the table below you will find price information in Hungarian forint per traveled kilometer.

Gross price of road use (HUF/km)

Екологична класификация

Category of vehicle/ Category of road J2 category J3 category J4 category
Environmental class Expressway Main route Expressway Main route Expressway Main route
≥ EURO III 44.54 18.95 62.49 32.80 91.04 56.78
EURO II 52.40 22.29 73.52 38.59 113.80 70.98
≤ EURO I 60.26 25.63 84.55 44.38 136.56 85.18

HU-GO user platform

The operator provides its customers with access to the official web portal, where it is advisable to register yourself before using the road network. Very often in the practice until now, there is a purchase of devices that are offered at the border checkpoints. This is understood as a convenience by drivers and companies, but if you are not familiar with the operator’s terms, it will be more complicated to track on-site registration, which is required to be able subsequently to send a signal to the system. Other places where the devices are offered are designated retail outlets as well as directly from the fleet management service providers that have contractual relations with National Toll Payment Services PLC.

Pay-by-device security

The use of an on-board module is not necessarily due to the payment option via a relay ticket, but we think it is the easiest and most convenient way. It is good to note that the better you know the device you use, the more confident you will be able to handle the services and technical advantages it offers. Once equipped, care must be taken to always be switched on, to work properly, to always set the current axle count and the current account held at HU-GO to provide cover for the planned trip!

Routing ticket

The use of a routing ticket requires that you plan and determine in advance the way you travel, assuming a valid use of the road only after payment. You have to pay for the planned route printed in KIOSZK before using the road. When planning your route online, you can start using the road only after paying your ticket through your HU-GO account as a registered user or, in case of a purchase on the spot, after receiving a successful bank card payment confirmation. It is important to note that the period of validity of the tickets purchased on the spot begins immediately after the payment. Pre-purchase is only available through the registered users website.

Preconditions for violations and methods to avoid them

Unfortunately, a precondition for imposing fines is to create profiles for new cars that are not added to a predefined one for the company. After the account has been made, the vehicle has to be added and paired with the purchased device to the account from which to withdraw money to pay the toll to the operator. So far, the procedure is valid if you plan to purchase a device once and then return it. Note that a list of licensed manufacturers is currently available on the site, which are currently numbers 22. This further complicates the choices you have to make, although their method of work is the same. For other operators in some countries, the on-board module is paid through a deposit that, after using for the intended purpose and returning the device, provides you with a deposit back. Amounts per unit in Hungary vary from the vendor but when you buy one, it remains your property. Accordingly, you can not return it after use, which implies responsibility for its storage.

One of the reasons for the violations is that border guards are creating a new account with a default Hungarian email address as a result of the language barrier. Even if it has already been pre-registered with the official e-mail address used by other cars in the same company. Writing down the account  information and accessing it over a paper sheet, makes it easy to lose or store harder. This way, you can not access the current account balance, how much you need to top-up, or whether you have loaded more funds than needed for one pass. An additional condition for correct charging is to correctly set the axles of the car, which can be done through the device itself or set and locked, through online accounts. In order to be done physically in place by the driver, the adjustment knob must be held until an indication of the correct number is lit, which in case of oversight leads to incorrect reporting and recording by the system of an offense.

Using, of course, different payment instruments leads to different preconditions for being fined. Taking a ticket for your trip determines to observe the route you have previously set. Despite the official information on the operator’s site there is some contradiction. Route tickets allow the valid use of the road for only one trip in the specified direction of the planned route and do not allow circumvention. According to the relevant laws, the control system does not allow exemption from penalties even if the consumer has traveled on the cheaper main roads parallel to the motorway.

If you have to deviate from the planned route due to road reconstruction or accident, you do not have to pay an additional charge to the specified trip. Additional toll payment is not required only on the specified deviation route. If you deviate from this route and use additional payment sections, or if you do not return to the original route to the next entrance, it qualifies as unauthorized use of the road.

Post-pay method of payment

 Съгласно Общите условия възможността за последващо уреждане на сметки в системата за електронно пътно таксуване на разстояние е достъпна за клиенти, които са сключили съответния „Договор за индивидуално плащане на пътни такси” с Националните услуги за плащане на пътни такси АД. Условия за последващо уреждане

  • Request – Fill out a request that can be downloaded from the operator site.
  • Declaration – Similarly, download and fill out from the site.

Submission of mandatory customer assessment documents: a company registration certificate issued not more than 30 days prior to the filing of the application; a joint tax certificate or a duly signed and duly signed extract of the application proving that the customer is included in the taxpayer’s database without unpaid public debts, issued no more than 30 days prior to the submission of the request; a signed signature or specimen signature, drafted and signed by a lawyer (original copy or copy certified by a notary);  the audited consolidated financial statements for the last two closed working years, prepared in accordance with the Hungarian accounting rules or, in the absence thereof, the audited financial statements or the audited simplified financial statements.


Important information:

Documents may be accepted only if they are presented in a printed form duly signed on each page.


NTPS Plc. shall evaluate the submitted documents within 30 days and subsequently inform the customer of the result of the rating process. After receiving the results of customer rating, the partner must make a declaration (by mail or e-mail) about whether it intends to conclude a contract with the service provider under the specified conditions.

In the course of customer rating, NTPS Plc. may request the submission of missing documents, in which case the deadline for evaluation shall be 30 days from the reception of the missing documents submitted.

The request and the required documents may be submitted in person at the customer service offices of NTPS Plc. or by mail to the following address:

National Toll Payment Services Plc.