Toll taxes in Italy – AUTOSTRADE ITALIA

The road tax in Italy has been introduced in 2009 and is operated by 27 operators, the largest of which is Autostrade Italia. The toll system is based on the distance traveled and is payable for all vehicles using motorways in Italy. When calculating the due road tax, the number of axles and mileage of the vehicle are taken into account.

OBU Requirement: No. Highly recommended for frequent users.
Toll routes: All motorways (excluding Sicily).

How to pay?

• VIAcard

VIAcard is a card that is issued under the company’s name and can be used by any truck in the company. When paying the toll tax with VIAcard, the transaction has to be done at the gates. An annual fee is payable for each card.

• Telepass / On-Board unit
For vehicles above 3,5 tons, a device called Telepass can be used to pay the toll taxes. This method is recommended when the company travels frequently on Italian motorways. The OBU, for which a monthly fee is paid, is issued on a specific vehicle using its registration number. When paying the toll tax via Telepass device, there are special lines to be used at the sections. It is important to know that the Telepass can be also used in France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Poland and Austria.

Companies who use a VIAcard and/or Telepass device can benefit from an annual toll discount, as well as VAT and excise duty refund.

• Cash or Bank card

You can pay in cash or via Bank card. Importantly, fuel cards are not accepted for payments in Italy, they are only used if you are using the OBU Telepass device. Note that when paying in cash, you cannot refund the VAT on the toll transactions. Furthermore, if you wish to refund the excise duty on fuel, the transactions must be tracible, therefore, only done with a card or bank transfer.

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