Road taxes in Poland – e-TOLL

From October 1, 2021 the charging system – viaTOLL, stops working! It will be replaced by e-TOLL, becoming the only toll system in Poland. All vehicles weighing 3.5 tonnes and more, as well as buses using the toll network, regardless of their total weight, will be required to register in the new system.

The new charging system in Poland is based on satellite positioning technology. When calculating the road tax due, the weight of the vehicle, the emission class, the mileage and the type of road network used shall be taken into account.

On-board device requirement: Yes.

Requirements for created online profile: Yes

Toll roads: All highways. Interactive map of paid sections.

How to pay?

On-board unit

Fees are paid through an on-board device and you can choose between Prepay or Postpay mode. Find out about the tariffs here.

a) Prepayment

If you select the “Prepaid” mode as of 1.10.2021, the distribution points are not yet authorized to offer on-board devices. That is why it is necessary to contact one of the suppliers and place an order for devices. The listed companies offer different conditions and offers. Prices for one device vary between BGN 150 and 350. + included subscription plan for 1 year. The devices are paid in advance by bank transfer or at the time of delivery, and the delivery time is between 3 – 14 days. The device can be charged with a bank and fuel card through your online account. Read more about the accepted payment methods here.

b) Subsequent payment

If you select the “Postpay” mode, we recommend that you contact your fuel supplier to request a combined on-board unit or add Poland to an existing one, which will automatically charge tolls and you can then pay them on the basis of a monthly invoice. . When ordering a new combined device in the Postpay mode, it is sent by your fuel supplier to the customer’s address, and according to the conditions it offers, you pay a monthly service fee.

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