Road tax in Bulgaria – BG TOLL

From March 1, 2020, a toll will be introduced for heavy vehicles over 3.5. The toll collection system is based on modern technologies that allow convenient ways of payment and control, without impeding the free movement of road vehicles. The introduction is equated with a fair and based on European directives model of charging. This type of payment entitles the road vehicle to travel a certain distance between two points of the road or road section. The toll is determined depending on the technical characteristics of the road or road section, the distance traveled, the category of the road vehicle, the number of axles and its environmental characteristics and is determined for each individual road or road section.

On-board unit requirement: No.

Toll roads: All highways and primary roads.

How to pay a toll in Bulgaria?

  • On-board device

This product is suitable for road vehicles over 3.5 tons, which have more frequent or regular trips on the toll network.

The metering mechanism for tolling purposes is by means of an on-board device installed in the vehicle, which sends the data needed to calculate the toll due. This is based on the global navigation satellite location system – GNSS. The data is sent to the provider of the electronic toll collection service, with whom the user has a contract. The latter, in turn, processes the received data and compiles and sends a declaration of toll.

  • Route map

This product is suitable for road vehicles over 3.5 tons, which are used for less frequent (single) trips.

Owners and users of a road vehicle with a total technically permissible maximum mass exceeding 3.5 tonnes, who do not have on-board devices, can use the paid road network after purchasing a route map, also known as a route ticket. This product is based on distance traveled within a certain period of time for which it is valid. It is issued in advance, allowing a road vehicle of the above category to travel a single distance within the toll road network from the starting point to the end point, with additional intermediate points specified by the user in advance, which cannot be more than four.

  • GPS tracker

It allows for automatic reporting of tolls through a GPS tracking device installed in the car, which detects and transmits data at a certain time.


All drivers, owners or users of road vehicles who use the paid road network without having paid the relevant fee and who have not paid the fee for the use of the national road network (e-vignette or subsequently toll) are violators and should they will be fined.

Sanctions for the use of the paid road network without paid fee reach BGN 3,000 for heavy road vehicles, as follows :

  • A driver who drives a truck on the toll road network, for which the relevant obligations for establishing the distance traveled have not been fulfilled or a fee has not been paid (vignette, route map or toll fee), shall be punished by a fine in the amount of BGN 1,800;
  • Owner of a lorry for which no toll has been paid in full or in part, including as a result of incorrectly declared data (technical characteristics of the road or road section, distance traveled, category of vehicle and number of axles, environmental characteristics), shall be punished by a fine in the amount of BGN 2,500. The fine shall be imposed on the registered user of the road vehicle, if any. If the owner or the registered user is a legal entity, a property sanction in the amount of BGN 2,500 is imposed;
  • When using the paid road network of heavy trucks, without paying the toll and at the same time the registration number is illegible or closed in any way, the fine is BGN 3,000.

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