Toll taxes in Slovenia – DARSGO

The electronic toll system in Republic of Slovenia has been introduced on 01.04.2018 and is operated by DarsGo. The toll collection on motorways is based on the distance traveled and is payable for all heavy-duty vehicles over 3.5 tons. The entire highway network, with total distance of 618 km, is divided into 125 tolling sections. A toll fee has to be paid for each toll section through which the vehicle passes. When calculating the due road tax, the number of axles, mileage and vehicle EURO emission class are taken into account.

OBU Requirement: Yes. Read more about the device.
Toll routes: All motorways.

How to pay?

• DarsGo device / On-Board unit

Firstly, you need to request the OBU device from DarsGo by registering your company and vehicle information in their customer centers or online on their website. In addition, DarsGo offers two options for payment with the on-board unit, in Pre-Pay and Post-Pay mode.

a) Pre-Pay mode

If you choose the Pre-Pay mode, you need to have enough credit on the pre-paid account. When passing through a tolling station, the tax will be directly withdrawn from the account. You can top-up the pre-paid vehicle account:

• at ‘DarsGo servis’ customer center by cash or using fuel, credit and debit cards;
• by direct debit transactions on the basis of an offer obtained in e-DarsGo;
• with a credit or debit card in online in e-DarsGo.

b) Post-Pay mode

If you choose the Post-Pay mode, you need to link the vehicle account to a fuel card or conclude a post-paid toll payment contract with DARS d.d, where you will receive the final bill for the used toll in an accounting period.

Drivers of vehicles entering the Slovenian highway or motorway network directly from another country are able to drive without the unit only until the first DarsGo service. There, they have to stop and acquire DarsGo unit, otherwise they will receive a fine for the for the distance driven.


Before installing the DarsGo unit, the data needs to be checked on the written statement for using the DarsGo system. The serial number of the DarsGo unit must match the registration number of the vehicle for which it was issued, and data of the company must also be correct. You can get help from DarsGo’s customer service.

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