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The motorway and semi-highway toll network in Croatia is managed by 4 companies and is 1,288.5 km long. The highways and facilities are entrusted to Croatian Motorways Maintenance and Tolling Ltd. When calculating the tax, the distance traveled and the vehicle category, according to Croatian laws, are taken into account. Inform yourself about the tariffs here .

OBU Requirement: No. Recommended for frequent users as there are discounts of up to 35%.
Toll routes: All motorways, excluding Zagreb ring road.

How to pay?

• ETC (Electronic Toll Collection) device / On-Board unit

ETC is a wireless toll collection method in which the taxes are paid using an on-board unit device. The ETC device can be used to collect tolls on the following highways, click herestations in Croatia.

To pay for the device and charge it, you can choose between Pre-Pay and Post-Pay mode. The ETC device costs HRK 122 and is tied to a specific vehicle category. In the Post-Paid mode you can pay with fuel card. Read more on the discounts you can get depending on the mode you choose, here.

• Cash or via bank card at the gates

It is possible to top your account online via credit / debit card. The truck driver has also had the option to pay directly at the gates, however this way no discount will be applicable.

• Open and closed payment systems

There are two toll payment systems applicable on the motorways in the Republic of Croatia:

a) Open payment

Road facilities such as tunnels, bridges and shorter stretches of motorways have an open payment system. In this system, the toll portals are located at the entrance and exit of the relevant sections, therefore payment is made immediately.

b) Closed payment

On motorways with multiple exit and entry points there is a closed payment system. In this system, the driver pays a ticket presented to him at the exit of the highway. The fee is calculated based on the length of the section and vehicle category.

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