Toll Taxes in Austria – Asfinag

The road tax in Austria was introduced in 2004 and is operated by Asfinag. The tolling system is based on the distance traveled and is payable for all vehicles over 3.5 tons, buses and caravans using highways and expressways in Austria. When calculating the due road tax, the number of axles, kilometers traveled, and the vehicle emission class are taken into account.

OBU Requirement: Yes.
Toll routes: All motorways.

How to pay?

Go-box device / On-Board unit

The toll is paid via an On-Board Unit called Go-Box. The Go-Box device can be taken from numerous stations in Austria, a list of all current pick-up points can be found here.

When taking the Go-Box, it is necessary to pay a lump sum of EUR 5 and specify the mode in which the on-board unit will be used. You can choose between Pre-Pay or Post-Pay mode.

  •  Pre-Pay mode

If you choose Pre-Pay mode, you need to charge the device in advance before it is used. The minimum charge is 75 EUR and the maximum is 500 EUR.

  • Post-Pay mode

If you choose Post-Pay mode, you need to connect the device to a fuel or bank card that is approved by Asfinag:
• If you connect the device to a fuel card, then the charge will be automatically withdrawn from your account;
• If you choose a bank card, then you will receive two invoices per month, that you have to pay within a specific time period.

IMPORTANT: For vehicles with emission class 4 and above, Asfinag requires the vehicle’s emission class to be verified within 28 calendar days upon taking the Go-Box. To prove it, you need to send to, a copy of the vehicle registration certificate and a copy of the green certificate of the car. Please note that if you do not send the required documents within the above deadline, you will be fined by Asfinag.

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