Toll taxes in Greece – Greek Motorway Network

The tolling system in Greece is operated by 6 different operators. The road network consists of about 2000 km motorways and 4200 km speed roads. The tolls are valid for all motorcycles, cars and trucks. The height of the vehicle, the number of axles and the distance traveled are the basic factors that determine the amount of the toll rates.

OBU Requirement: Not mandatory. Recommended for frequent users.
Toll routes: All motorways (check the map below), bridges and tunnels.

How to pay?

• On-board unit / Card

Different road operators have their own types of on-board units or cards, however a project called ”Interoperability” was introduced recently, which gives a possibility to pay for multiple toll sections with a single on-board unit, read more here. The on-board units or cards provide a discount for truck users of up to 22% and also the opportunity to refund 24% VAT.

• Cash or Bank card

In all toll sections the payment can be done in cash, however bank cards are not accepted on all of them. Importantly, you cannot make a payment with a fuel card in Greece. Note that when paying in cash, you cannot refund the VAT of the toll transactions.

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