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The tolling system in Slovakia has been introduced in 2010 and is operated by SkyToll. The toll collection is based on the distance traveled and is payable for all heavy-duty vehicles over 3.5 tons and buses. When calculating the due road tax, the number of axles, mileage, vehicle emission class, day of usage and type of the road network are taken into account.

OBU Requirement: Yes. Read more about the devices.
Toll routes: All motorways.

How to pay?

• On-board unit

SkyToll offers two options for payment with the on-board unit, in Pre-Pay and Post-Pay mode. Important information about the tariffs and discounts is found here .

a) Pre-Pay mode

If you choose Pre-Pay mode, you need to take the device from SkyToll distribution points in Slovakia and load it in advance before it is used. When taking the on-board unit from a point, you will have to pay a deposit of EUR 50. The device can be charged by bank card, fuel card or cash.

a) Post-Pay mode

If you choose Post-Pay mode, you should contact your fuel supplier to request an on-board unit. Using this method, the taxes are automatically charged on your account and afterwards, in the end of the month, you receive an invoice that is paid with a fuel card, bank transaction or cash. When taking the on-board unit, you need to pay a deposit of EUR 50. The registered Post-Pay device is taken from a chosen contact point in Slovakia.

Important: Please note that the operator charges a fine if the on-board unit in Pre-Pay or Post-Pay mode is not used within 6 months.

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