Road taxes in Switzerland – Swiss road tax

The tolling system in Switzerland is based on the distance traveled and is payable for all vehicles over 3.5 tones. A toll is due when using the entire road network in Switzerland. When calculating the road tax, the estimated mileage, weight, and vehicle emission class are taken into account. Inform yourself about the tariffs here.

OBU Requirement: No.
Toll routes: All routes.

How to pay?

a) On-board unit

In Switzerland you can pay the toll taxes through OBU device.


-Opening an HVC account at the Directorate General of Customs;
-Evidence of sufficient security;
-Installation of the on-board unit at an authorized garage (reception point) in Switzerland or the Principality of Liechtenstein and at your own expense.

The payment can be done in three ways:

-Through a connected fuel card
-Cash Payment
When paying in cash on exit, it must be done at the Swiss customs and you will be charged a processing fee of CHF 10 for issuing the HVC receipt.
-HVC account
It is compulsory for foreign vehicles, using an on-board unit, to settle HVC account.

The declaration data is read on every exit and the fee is billed monthly.

b) Swiss issued ID card

When the vehicle first enters in Switzerland an ID card is issued at the border, which contains the following information: registration number, country of registration of the car, owner of the vehicle, vehicle emission class and billing address.

Furthermore, when entering the country, the driver has to insert the ID-CARD into the terminal at the border and enter the mileage, the truck and trailer (if used), and has to choose a method of payment, which cannot be changed later. Once this information has been entered, the terminal issues a note, that must be kept until the country is left.

When leaving the country, the driver must manually complete his current mileage at the end of the note and sign it. The signed note is transmitted to the border authorities and the toll is charged through the chosen mode of payment.

c) Vignette stickers

Vignette stickers are also used as means of payment, valid from 1st of December of the year prior to that printed on the sticker through to 31 January of the year following that printed on the sticker.

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