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Road taxes in Norway – AutoPASS

The tolling system in Norway is operated by AutoPASS. It applies to all vehicles over 3.5 tonnes and is calculated based on the distance traveled. You can find a list of all Norway’s traffic operators here.

OBU Requirement: Yes.
Toll routes: Map of the toll sections can be found here.

How to pay?

The toll is paid via an On-board unit. You can request an on-board device online or from your fuel supplier. You can choose between an OBU unit valid only in Norway (AutoPASS) or one that is used in Norway and bridges in Denmark, Sweden, Norway called Brobizz.

Useful links

AutoPASS Portal
AutoPASS Toll Tariffs and Discounts
EasyGo Portal – Paying Tolls in Scandinavia
Brobizz Portal

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