Road taxes in Luxembourg – EUROVIGNETTE

The toll system in Luxembourg is operated by Eurovignette. The vignette is stored online and does not require prior registration. Moreover,  it is not necessary to keep additional paper documents after October 2008. The heavy duty vehicles with a total weight of more than 12 tons are obliged to purchase the Eurovignette in order to use the highways and other roads in Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden.

OBU Requirement: No.
Toll routes: All routes.

The fee for the electronic vignette depends on the number of axles, the pollution class of the heavy vehicles and the desired period of validity (daily, weekly, monthly or yearly). The electronic Eurovignette is not subject to VAT, so it is not possible to refund taxes.

NB! Keep in mind that in order to go out of the motorways with a truck you need to have special permission or stuffing/destuffing address.

How to pay?

• Online booking or at a petrol stations

a) Fuel cards
b) Bank cards

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