Toll taxes in Germany – TOLL COLLECT

The toll charge in Germany was introduced in 2005 and is operated by Toll Collect. The toll system is based on the distance traveled and is payable for all heavy-duty vehicles over 7.5 tons using highways and selected federal roads in Germany. Buses are exempt from toll payment. Inform yourself about the tariffs here.

OBU Requirement: Not mandatory. Recommended for frequent users.
Toll routes: All motorways and federal routes. You can find a map of the paid road network in Germany here.

How to pay?

Toll Collect device / On-board unit

You need to register your company and vehicles in Toll Collect. You can sign up for Toll Collect online. After Toll Collect has confirmed the registration in                   their system, it is necessary to install the On-board unit in a Toll Collect authorized service center.


a) The tickets can be purchased from 1100 terminals (physical locations) in Germany. The ticket can be paid in cash, either by bank or fuel card. A list of                    terminals can be found here.

b) The tickets can be also reserved online at Toll Collect’s website or by downloading their app. To be able to “book a route” online, you firstly need to                           register your company and vehicles in Toll Collect.

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