Truckpoint eco-initiative by planting trees

In the 21st century, deforestation and polluted air are major problems around the world. Have you ever considered how important the trees are in order to have a meaningful way of life? They create oxygen, clear the air, cool our streets and cities, thus even saving us extra costs during the summer months. These are just three of the vital abilities of the trees and it is time for each of us to think about how we can increase their number and preserve the forests that have kept us alive for hundreds of years.

Truckpoint consults transport companies using heavy-duty vehicles and therefore, knows how much of the harmful emissions are released into the atmosphere by these vehicles. We are a company that is extremely interested in the nature and wants to be compassionate towards what is happening. For this reason, our team took the decision to participate in an eco-initiative by planting trees. As the procedure for obtaining permission from the municipalities to plant the trees individually takes a lot of time, we decided to join the initiative of Sofia Municipality “New Forest” at the end of October. Most of Truckpoint’s team joined the event and, with common effort, we managed to plant more than 30 trees, despite the windy weather.

In this article we also included a brief interview with Truckpoint’s CEO, who will tell you more about the overall experience.

Why did you decide to take part in this initiative as a company?
Truckpoint is a brand new company, but good practices need to be created from the very beginning of an organization. The environment is of fundamental importance for the creation of sustainable business in all industries, and as a consulting company, we work a lot on optimizing routes, developing plans for reducing fuel consumption and other similar strategies for our customers, whose main goal is to reduce costs, but also indirectly reducing emissions. Our participation in this wonderful initiative, The New Forest of Sofia, is a slightly different reading of the same book.

Would you like to participate again in such an event and are you planning something like that in the future?
We are a fully democratic company, and in this line of thought, even if my response is negative, the rest of Truckpoint’s team will work on similar initiatives as similar ideas positively fuel us and fill us with optimism. However, my response is positive and I strongly encourage such initiatives. We plan something interesting for the Christmas holidays, and then for Spring, the idea is to realize a larger campaign or to take part in such an initiative together with our clients.

What would you advise people who will read this article?
Each of us must devote at least a small percentage of time to such activities, as we are all oxygen consumers, as we depend on the balance in the atmospheric environment that is currently in critical condition. Most of us think that they cannot make a difference, but the wonderful campaign of Sofia Municipality gives each of us the opportunity to participate in planting an entirely new forest, which will help the cleaner air in the region of Sofia. Their target of 125 000 trees sounds perfectly achievable, as there are more than 1.4 million inhabitants living in real estate in the municipality of Sofia, and over unofficial data over 2 million inhabitants.