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We support you by investigating and claiming fines and penalties on your behalf

Country policies are becoming stricter each year. The introduction of more and more digital tools for reporting and managing tolls leads to technical errors, which in many cases are not drivers fault. Responsibility, on the other hand, falls on transport companies.

We have put in place a procedure for looking through fines, emphasizing the compliance with the different components required by the institutions, following the time frames for reaction that are provided by them. This is an important and detailed process that increases your chances of resolving cases in your favor.

To deal with fines and toll-related offenses, our dedicated team of professionals will help you understand the reasons for imposing them, as well as assist you in challenging the fines if possibility exists.

Service Advantage

By using our services you will gain advantage of:

  • Personal consultant responsible for your claims
  •  Fast and efficient approach
  •  Saving a lot of time and efforts
  • “No results, no fee!” policy