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We know how to minimize the exposure of your fuel cards

In the past years a lot of trucking companies were affected by such called “skimming”. This is the process when your card has been copied to one of the places you have used in to pay for fuel or road taxes. The problem is that the fraudsters are getting more and more professional and nowadays it is almost impossible to understand if your card has been manipulated or not.

Our experience taught us how we can minimize the exposure and reduce fraud transactions. Truckpoint is implementing innovative practices for daily monitoring to all of your transactions, which helps to reduce time for reaction and eventually decrease the potential loss. In addition, active monitoring leads to additional benefits such as overall understanding of all your needs, cost-optimization by hinting the right place to uplift, as well as proactive supervision for missed discounts or any other benefits. We will be happy to support every trucking company with valuable solutions how to reduce the risk.

Service advantage

Nobody feels comfortable when he is being targeted by an organized crime group. Minimize the risk exposure.

  •   Active management of card reports
  •   Solid planning expertise
  •   Proactive consultation