Instructions for use and individual protection against COVID-19

Masks and disposable gloves

The places you need to wear mask gloves:

  • Petrol stations;
  • Shops;
  • Company offices;
  • Distribution and client points;
  • In loading / unloading;
  • Communication with local and border authorities;
  • Colleagues and others;

Instructions for proper use of a face mask

Before putting a mask, clean your hands with soap and water and use a disinfectant.

Pick up your mouth and nose with a mask and make sure it is closer to your skin as close as possible. Avoid touching the mask while using it;

Replace the mask with a new one every two hours, especially if you are in the presence of a group of people or after you feel it is moistened

To remove the mask:

  • Remove it from the rear (do not touch the front of the mask);
  • Discard it immediately in the closed basket / bag;
  • Clean your hands for at least 20 seconds;
  • Use a disinfectant;

It is advisable to use one-off masks, given that you do not have adequate multi-user masks to be cleaned

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